Thursday, October 30, 2008

Letter from legal scholars about Proposition 8: LEADING LEGAL SCHOLARS REJECT PROP 8 ARGUMENTS

10/30/08 San Diego Union-Tribune: "Today the NO on Prop 8 campaign released a rare joint statement signed by 59 distinguished law professors concluding that the Prop. 8 campaign's legal arguments are false ... The list of scholars include Erwin Chemerinsky, the Founding Dean of the University of California School of Law; Kathleen Sullivan, Former Dean of Stanford Law School; and Paul Brest, Dean Emeritus of Stanford Law School."

Gay married couples face legal limbo if Prop. 8 passes

10/30/08 Los Angeles Times

Maureen Dolan and Jessica Garrison of the LA Times report:

"But after researching the issue, New York University law professor Kenji Yoshino, who favors same-sex marriage, concluded that the U.S. Constitution would offer few protections to existing gay marriages if Proposition 8 passed."

Santa Clara University Law Professor Gerald Uelmen expresses his view that such marriages would not remain valid if the voters pass Proposition 8.

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