Thursday, October 28, 2010


In May, I decided that I would need a hiatus to prepare an article on a subject unrelated to this site. I have just completed my forthcoming article for law librarians, "Ending Our Conflicts of Interest to Protect Consumers of Legal Publication." (Attorneys represent the largest share of consumers who need protection. I advance my arguments on their behalf, even if I can only wish that the arguments would engage them also.)

I can no longer commit the time required to maintain this site, although I will leave it intact for future use. The pace of legal news and commentary exceeds the capacity of even the most conscientious blogger to widely cover developments and maintain research resources. I had sought to fill a unique niche in the blogosphere, with support from my collaborator, attorney Rick Xiao, and others. I now realize that even with their generous assistance, I overreached. I have also been unable to engage enough law students and attorneys as volunteers. However, I do not count my experiment a failure. Among my joys of discovery, I have had the joy of sharing insights from such perceptive, lively writers as John Culhane, Arthur Leonard, and Nan Hunter. And I have had the privilege of learning from your comments.

To Rick Xiao, John Culhane, and other supporters, I owe more gratitude than a hearty, and heartfelt, "Thank you!" can express for your contributions and encouragement.

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