Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Marriage Ban Donors Feel Exposed by List

01/18/09 NY Times: James Bopp Jr., a lawyer from Indiana, filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of Protect Marriage to challenge donor disclosures under California campaign finance law. (The Alliance Defense Fund is also involved in the case.) He claims that Prop. 8's financial supporters can not be identified without violating their First Amendment rights: “The highest value in the First Amendment is speech, and some amorphous idea about transparency cannot be used to subvert those rights.” He alleges that disclosures have resulted in "“death threats, acts of domestic terrorism, physical violence, threats of physical violence, vandalism of personal property, harassing phone calls, harassing e-mails, blacklisting and boycotts."

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Mark In Irvine said...

People in favor of the invalidation of Prop 8 do a horrendous service to "the cause" by making threats of any kind against the poor misguided people who supported Prop 8. IMHO, the Prop 8 battle should be won on principle, and getting all "terrorist" on the bigots does NOBODY any good.

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