Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chapman law student Tiffany Chang speaks out against the gay marriage ban

03/15/09 Orange County Register:

This column reports on how Chapman University Law School student Tiffany Chang has responded to the Prop. 8 litigation. Chang, who married her partner Lindsey Etheridge in July, provided a declaration in one of the amicus briefs.

Chang told the Register columnist that when she was married,

"I never could have known what that felt like, to truly be equal in our society. I don't think you know what that feels like until you've got it."

In her declaration, she expresses her concern that "people will take the passage of Proposition 8 as a societal and governmental sanction for treating people differently." She worried, in the immediate aftermath of the election, that "people might be thinking, 'see. you are wrong, you are less than me.'"

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