Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Indiana lesbian spouse who filed divorce petition will not appeal its denial

09/23/09 / Gay Marriage Watch:

In Chambers v. Ormiston, 916 A.2d 758 (R.I. 2007), the Rhode Island Supreme Court relied on a technicality to rule that the Family Court did not have jurisdiction to consider a divorce petition by a Rhode Island lesbian couple who married in Massachusetts. (See this article about the case by law professor Joanna Grossman.) The Indiana Supreme Court might have had opportunity to review a case involving an Indiana lesbian couple - Larissa Chism and Tara Ranzy - who married in Canada, but recently sought a divorce. The Marion County Superior Court recently denied the divorce petition. But Ranzy's attorney, Karen Jensen, told that her client will not appeal. (Ranzy is also closing her practice.)
If the two women seek to marry again, said Janson Wu, an attorney at the New England legal organization Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD), their inability to terminate their marriage will pose serious problems: a second marriage with the first still on the books would make them law-violating bigamists.

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