Monday, February 22, 2010

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Tara Siegel Bernard of the NY Times has "tax tips for same-sex couples." Her tips highlight the tax burdens of the federal DOMA and the unique benefits available to married, heterosexual couples who file joint income taxes. "[P]lenty of same-sex couples end up paying higher tax bills than their heterosexual married counterparts."

Constitutional amendment - West Virginia

In West Virginia, state legislators supporting a super-DOMA amendment (HJR 5 / HJR 24 / HJR 111 /SJR 3 / SJR 5 / SJR 14*) have so far failed to bring their resolutions to a floor vote in the 2010 legislative session. But the resolution sponsors will receive help this week from a dependable ally - the Family Policy Council of West Virginia (FPCWV), which wants to give voters opportunity to vote on an amendment in the November election. On February 25th, FPCWV will hold a "let us vote" rally at the state capitol to demand action by the state legislature. (FPCWV press release)

(*According to the press release, SJR 14 is not a super-DOMA amendment.)

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