Sunday, November 16, 2008

Comments Reported At Boalt Hall Conference on the Supreme Court of California

At the 11/14/08 Boalt Hall Conference on the Supreme Court of California, the LA Times and other media report on comments by speakers in the panel discussion - moderated by Justice Kathryn Werdegar - of "the pre-Proposition 8 right of gays and lesbians to marry."

11/15/08 Los Angeles Times: "Santa Clara University Law School Professor Gerald Uelmen opined that the court could not overturn Proposition 8 without also admitting that its May 15 decision improperly revised the state Constitution...Werdegar, the panel's moderator, frowned and ignored the comment...Earlier she had said that the state high court must provide independent review when state constitutional issues were at stake, even if it meant overturning a vote of the people."

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