Friday, November 14, 2008

State high court interested in Prop. 8 suits

11/14/08 SF Chronicle: Senior assistant attorney general Christopher Krueger comments on the California Supreme Court's request to reply to preliminary questions about the Proposition 8 litigation, including whether the Court should grant review and suspend Proposition 8 while it decides the case. He said that "it's fair to infer that the court is looking at these (cases) very carefully," because usually the Court dismisses attempts to take cases directly to the Court, without allowing the other side to reply.

Irving Greines is an appellate lawyer who filed a letter by the Beverly Hills Bar Association and California Women Lawyers in support of the petition for writ of mandate. According to Greines, the Court's request to the AG "
indicates that the Supreme Court sees the seriousness and immensity of the issue, and before it takes any action it wants to hear from Jerry Brown."

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