Thursday, November 19, 2009

Judge orders production of campaign documents by official Prop. 8 propnents

11/19/09 order compelling document production by official Prop. 8 proponents in Perry v. Schwarzenneger

This is the third discovery issued to parties in Perry v. Schwarzenneger. (See my last post about the discovery dispute here.) [November 20th: A reader has helpfully corrected my oversight. Judge Joseph Spero issued the order on behalf of Judge Vaugn Walker.] Thanks to California attorney Rick Xiao for alerting me to today's order and for commenting about it:
Today Judge [Spero] dropped the hammer on Prop. 8 proponents and ordered immediate production of internal communications concerning their campaign strategies and messages to voters. Among other things, Judge [Spero] admonished Prop. 8 proponents that his previous discovery orders, while being appealed to the Ninth Circuit, remain in effect because the appellate court has not issued a stay. Thus, Prop. 8 proponents risk contempt of the court if they continue to withhold production. According to today’s order, Prop. 8 proponents are ordered to produce additional responsive documents on a rolling basis to conclude not later than the close of fact discovery on November 30, 2009.


Anonymous said...

This order appears to be from Judge Spero in Jude Walker's absence.

Anonymous said...

A friend told me he had seen an internal email from the Mormon Church telling their top leaders in the church to push for the proposition supporting a ban on gay marriage in AZ. Now if they did that in AZ, then they surely did that here in California.

I feel they lied to a lot of people about this issue. One news paper said that "marriage is ordained by god." If they tell all their followers some thing like then surely they will follow regardless because many followers are not very well educated, it's wrong.

I had voted by absent ballot long before the Mormon Church pulled the plug on their Phone Banks, and I can't help but wonder about all the lies they told people before they voted, and many voted absent in California.

The church shouldn't be allowed to use their religious influence to sway voters, and many right-wingers suggest that there is no such thing as "separation of church and state," so what's that say.

Are we heading in the same direction as Iran with all their clerics making all the laws?

Anonymous said...

Ninth Circuit yesterday granted a temporary stay of the discovery orders and required briefing on the motion of stay by Monday 5 pm Pacific Time:,%2009-17551.pdf

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