Saturday, November 14, 2009

Legislation by Michigan Speaker Pro Tempore Pam Byrnes to overturn state's bans on same-sex marriage

11/04/09 press release by Michigan Speaker Pro Tempore Pam Byrnes:

On November 8th, I posted on what I considered a striking, perhaps novel development: Speaker Pro Tem Pam Byrnes introduced a resolution to repeal Art. 1, § 25 of the Michigan constitution. Art. 1, § 25 is a "super-DOMA" amendment that not bans same-sex marriage, but recognition of a "similar union for any purpose." I have suggested that Byrne's proposal represents what may be a new means of changing public debate on same-sex marriage in states that have super-DOMA amendments. Her statement about "the Michigan she knows" lends support to my interpretation, even if her resolution has long odds of adoption"
"Same-sex couples should not be denied the joys and responsibilities that come with making a lifetime commitment to each other," Byrnes said. "The Michigan I know is not a place that would deny visitation rights to a dying loved one or access to health care just because of someone's sexual orientation. It's wrong to arbitrarily treat certain groups of people like second-class citizens and it's time to update our laws in Michigan to make sure no one is treated that way."
Here you will find links to legislation Byrnes introduced to remove statutory bans on same-sex marriage and out-of-state recognition of such marriages.

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