Monday, December 7, 2009

Hearing by the NJ Senate Judiciary Committee on marriage equality legislation, and vote to approve

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the legislation by a vote of 7-6 after nearly eight hours of debate and testimony that was at times emotional and eloquent. The approved bill included an amendment intended to clarify that religious organizations would never be forced to sanction or participate in a marriage they disagreed with.12/07/09
WordInEdgewise, by law professor John Culhane:
This just in: By a 7-6 vote, the New Jersey Senate Judiciary Committee voted out the marriage equality bill, with what appear to be appropriate protections for religious organizations whose beliefs teach against same-sex unions. (I’m trying to get a copy of the bill so that I can independently analyze its terms.) Its fate in the full Senate (and beyond) may be decided on Thursday, and is unclear.
12/07/09 WordInEdgewise, by law professor John Culhane:
Here’s the scene from New Jersey today, where supporters and opponents of the marriage equality bill [version as introduced 06/09/08] gathered in advance of the Senate Judiciary committee meeting. Write your own caption ... I’ll be back with a summary and a preview of Thursday’s vote later.

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Tyler Rosenbaum said...

So I'm not sure if I'm correct but it appears the new Supreme Court opinion in Mohawk Industries, Inc. v. Carpenter (Sotomayor's first!) is the pending question on interlocutory appeals referenced by several parties in the Ninth Circuit interlocutory appeal... And it looks good for the Plaintiffs in Perry. Courts of Appeals don't appear to have jurisdiction to hear interlocutory appeals, even on absolute privileges like attorney-client.

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