Sunday, April 18, 2010

Angelique Naylor responds to Texas Attorney General's appeal of divorce from her former wife

Angelique Naylor told Newsweek that in appealing her divorce decree, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has pursued a "politically motivated attack and attempt to wear me down financially by running up my legal bills." (Newsweek) She also states that the appeal is "is an egregious misuse of state resources when there is already an almost identical case already set for a hearing in the 5th court of appeals next week." The other case on appeal is In the Matter of the Marriage of J.B. and H.B. (Texas Lawyer Blog)

(04/20-21/10 update: AP has a report on the appeal in Naylor's divorce case, but fails to distinguish substantive and procedural issues in the two cases. Commenting on the article, law professor Tobias Barrington Wolff observes that even if Naylor or her spouse could relocate to Massachusetts and divorce there, the federal DOMA would allow Texas to "disregard the divorce decree of a same-sex couple altogether.")

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