Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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Perry v. Schwarzenenger

Andy Pugno, General Counsel of, posts an "update" on the case, and promises "more discussion of our legal defense of traditional marriage in coming emails."

Cole v. Arkansas

Law professor Arthur Leonard has commentary on a ruling that invalidates an Arkansas ban on adoption and foster care by same-sex couples. Law professor John Culhane also comments on the ruling.The Alliance Defense Fund plans to appeal the ruling. (ADF press release)

Greene v. County of Sonoma

Greene v. County of Sonoma et al., complaint, No. SPR-81815 (Cal. Sonoma County Super. Ct. filed Mar. 22, 2010)

"(San Francisco, CA, April 19, 2010) — Today, NCLR launched a national media campaign to bring visibility to a tragic new case where Sonoma County, California officials separated an elderly gay couple and sold their worldly possessions despite the measures the men had taken to protect their relationship." (04/19/10 press release by National Center for Lesbian Rights) For additional coverage, see The New York Times, The Bilerico Project, and HRC Back Story.

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