Friday, August 21, 2009

Please respond if you want me to continue this blog

I have had several goals for this site, to distinguish it from other blogs on the same subject. I have aimed to provide a reliable updating service that represents the full spectrum of legal news and opinion, and to provide legal researchers a useful means of integrating the latest developments in their research projects. As a long-term goal, I have also sought to provide a venue for a robust exchange of legal commentary. I was therefore honored to invite law professor John Culhane as a guest blogger on "Marriage Equality and Religious Liberty." (I would, of course, welcome contributions from all interested legal scholars and attorneys.)

While I consider my blogging goals important, I now need you to tell me that you want me to continue. You will not be surprised to learn that I face competing demands on my time. I hope to determine whether the level of reader interest justifies my considerable investment of time. I have received welcome encouragement from Professor Culhane and Unite the Fight. Next week I will announce my decision to either continue or bid you farewell. (In any case, I will not remove the blog.)

In the meantime, I have decided to suspend further updates.


Unite the Fight! said...

I rely on your blog to help me wade through a lot of the legal going-ons with Prop 8. If you don't provide commentary yourself, your site is a great source of links to find out where I can get the information I need.

I have done big pieces on the Prop 8 case and have interviewed the American Foundation for Equal Rights and the lawyers involved, but (and as it should be) they're busy a lot and cannot always be available to answer my questions. I have found some of my answers here.

Your site is useful and I will continue to use it and link to it on my blog if you choose to move forward.

Believe me, I understand how much work it is. I myself run Unite the Fight alone and it takes hours and hours everyday. It's sometimes difficult to get to other pressing matters, so I personally will understand if you choose to move on.

Just know that if you do decide to keep the blog going, it will be used as a resourceful tool by me.

Gail said...

Keep the blog going! I check it a lot.

John Culhane said...

You know I rely on it. What you might not know, or be able to tell, is that I get many people coming to check out my blog from your site. So you have "real" visitors who are going from site to site, gathering information.

I wish you the best whatever you decide, but I'd hate to see this blogsite dark.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,

I must say that you have done such a great job of culling interesting and comprehensive information on Prop. 8 and beyond. Even for a lawyer like myself, I reply on your blog as an excellent source of information and analysis. It's like one-stop shop for me. If time permits, please consider continuing your blog. I would hate to see it go.

Homo Rugger said...

I just recently started coming, but have found your blog to be a great resource. I hope you will continue to provide your perspective. If nothing else, I hope you will consider continuing to provide access to the filings in the case. It's often hard for those of us with no legal background to find them.

Katherine said...

I have found your blog very useful in locating accurate and insightful information about marriage equality and related legal developments. I hope you can see a way to continue. thanks.

Barry Deutsch said...

This is a unique and very useful blog, and I hope that you choose to keep it going. Regardless of if you do or not, thank you for the work you've put in.

Anonymous said...

Please keep writing. It helps keep hope alive, seeing a constant stream of work being done to further LGBT rights. It's hard to sift through other blogs/news to find out what's happening. The legal perspective is so crucial to understanding what is happening.

Thanks for all your hard work!

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