Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Selection of articles and commentary on the Perry case

I am preparing my "Perry roundups" in an abbreviated format, providing just the title, date, and source of each article. I select just the articles and posts that I consider especially noteworthy. I will update this post.

Day 11
  • Media
Dan Levine, Walker Put Lawyers on Long Leash, 01/27/10 The Recorder (SF legal newspaper)

Margaret Talbot, Gay Marriage and Competing Goods, 01/27/10 New Yorker

Laura Leff, Witness says marriage threatened if gays can wed, 01/26/10 AP

Susan Ferris, Prop. 8 witness says gay unions would shatter marriage, 01/26/10 Sacramento Bee

Bob Egelko, Prop. 8 witness warns of societal upheaval, 01/26/10 SF Chronicle

Stu Woo, Witness Assails Gay Marriages, 01/26/10 Wall Street Journal

Howard Mintz, Prop 8 trial: Attorney, witness engage in bitter argument as testimony drawing to close, 01/26/10 San Jose Mercury News

Gary Shih, Same-Sex Marriage Case, Day 11: Churches, 01/26/100 NY Times "The Bay Area"

  • Advocacy Organizations
Brian Leubitz, 0 for 2: Blankenhorn Looks Lost, 01/26/10 Courage Campaign's Prop. 8 Trial Tracker

NCLR's Legal Director Shannon Minter, Perry v. Schwarzenegger Proceedings, Day 11, 01/26/10 Pam's House Blend

Related News

Michael B. Farrell, Will California gay-marriage trial go to Supreme Court? 01/16/10 Christian Science Monitor


Gideon Alper, Why Proving Discrimination Isn't Good Enough for Gay Marriage Supporters in Prop 8 Trial, 01/26/10 Gay Couples Law Blog

Andrew Harmon, Minter's Take on the Prop. 8 Trial, 01/25/10 Advocate.com

Columbia Law Magazine: Marriage for Same-Sex Couples: A Conversation, 01/25/10 LGBT POV

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