Monday, February 9, 2009

ADF-allied attorney James Hochberg responds to effort in Hawai'i to enact a civil union law for same-sex couples

02/06/09 Honolulu Advertiser: In this commentary, Honolulu lawyer James Hochberg faults the Family Equality Coalition for engaging public support of Hawaii House Bill 444, "A Bill For An Act Relating To Civil Unions":

"Wherever they are enacted, so-called 'civil unions' and 'domestic partnerships' have been nothing other than an alternative way of enacting 'marriage' for same-sex couples. If the Hawai'i Legislature chooses to drag within its walls the innocuous-looking Trojan horse of civil unions, it needs to understand the danger hidden inside of it: same-sex "marriage."

The Advertiser identifies Hochberg as "a Honolulu lawyer and an Alliance Defense Fund allied attorney. He previously served as one of seven commissioners on the Hawai'i Commission on Sexual Orientation and the Law. He wrote this commentary for The Advertiser."

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