Thursday, February 5, 2009

Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver on same-sex marriage

02/05/09 OneNewsNow (a service of the American Family News Network):

Mathew Staver is an attorney for Campaign for California Families, and founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel. Yes on 8 opposed CCF's attempt to intervene, although Liberty Counsel filed an amicus brief on behalf of CCF.

When asked about a divorce filing by a same-sex spouse in Massachusetts, Staver alleged that same-sex relationships do not sustain long-term commitments:

"In fact, even in male-male relationships there is a general philosophy among same-sex relationships that they are open relationships -- which means that even if they live under the same roof, they have affairs frequently and often with many other partners throughout their lives ... What we see in Massachusetts is the future of same-sex marriage. They simply want same-sex marriage -- not to have long-lasting, committed relationships, as they often like to say to the media."

Staver offers an ad hominem that appears to be typical of how he views same-sex marriage. He said that gays and lesbians seek same-sex marriage to validate their "abnormal and aberrant lifestyle."

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