Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blogs reporting developments in same-sex law in other countries: Australian Gay and Lesbian Law Blog

I have just had a cordial greeting from the host of the Australian Gay and Lesbian Law Blog, Stephen Page. He is "a partner with Harrington Family Lawyers, Brisbane, a long established boutique family law firm." His practice of 20 years has focused on family law. Among his accomplishments, he has "helped community groups over many years, especially those involved in promoting equality and combatting the scourge of domestic violence." His work provides an inspiring example of attorneys worldwide committed to challenging minority discrimination and protecting fundamental rights. I have not considered the impact of Prop. 8 litigation in other countries, although its ramifications obviously reach beyond California and the United States. Stephen's blog reminds me not only of keen international interest in Prop. 8, but of legal efforts to promote equality everywhere. And, of course, his blog affords revealing insight on the latest developments in Australian same-sex law. See, for example, his 11/29/08 post, "Same sex reforms pass through Parliament."

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