Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dale Carpenter and Ira Lupu on religious liberty and same-sex marriage; Arthur Leonard on religious-liberty exemption of new Maine law

05/06/09 Volokh Conspiracy blog:

Law professor Dale Carpenter "continues a discussion I have been having with five law professors (Tom Berg, Carl Esbeck, Rick Garnett, Doug Laycock, and Robin Wilson) who have proposed that state legislation authorizing same-sex marriage should include a special, broad exemption for religious objectors."

Source: The Atlantic Daily Dish by Andrew Sullivan

05/06/09 Concurring Opinions:

Law professor and constitutional scholar Ira Lupu writes,

[I]n Vermont and Connecticut, religious liberty became a shield for religious freedom against the intrusion of same-sex marriage on traditional religious values, not a sword to be used against all recognition of such marriages. In light of the Vermont and Connecticut experience, religious conservatives and secular progressives now have the opportunity to reach political bargains with one another, where both sides agree to a regime of reciprocal accommodation and respect.

05/07/09 Leonard Link

New York Law School Professor Arthur Leonard discusses the religious-liberty exemption of Maine's new marriage-equality law, and comments on the process and prospect of a successful referendum to defeat the law.


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