Friday, May 8, 2009

Gay marriage effort stalls in heavily Catholic Rhode Island on eve of legislative hearing; New York Assembly to pass gay-marriage bill next week

05/08/09 AP (posted to Boston Globe):

The Rhodes Island legislature is unlikely to pass marriage equality legislation [S0147] until Governor Don Carcieri finishes his second and final term of office in January 2011.

Source: ADF Alliance Alert

05/07/09 The Exception Magazine (Maine):

"The legislature in Rhode Island, the last remaining traditional marriage state [in New England], will hold a [House] judiciary committee hearing next week to discuss a same-sex marriage bill [HB5744, the companion to S0147] by Representative Art Handy."

Source: Gay Marriage Watch


"The [New York] Assembly is expected to approve a gay-marriage bill [A7732 / S4401] next Tuesday, but the measure apparently still lacks enough support to pass the Senate."

Source: Gay Marriage Watch

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