Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hearing revives Rhode Island's gay-marriage debate

05/13/09 Providence Journal:

On May 12th, Rhode Island's House Judiciary Committee heard testimony "on two bills: one [H-5744, whose Senate companion is S0147] that would legalize gay marriage and one that would put the question to the voters in a referendum that sponsor Jon Brien, a Woonsocket Democrat, called a fair way to carry out the wishes of Rhode Island voters." (The state's Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony on February 26th on S0147 and S0136, adding a state DOMA.) The Journal reports a widespread view that the legislation is headed to defeat, given opposition by legislative leaders, the governor, and "and the state’s powerful religious establishment."

05/19/09 Boston EDGE (Source: 05/20/09 Gay Marriage Watch)

The debate over gay marriage continued at the State House in Providence on Wednesday. As in other states that have confronted this contentious issue, there were plenty of supporters and opponents waiting to testify before the House Judiciary Committee.

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