Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Legal commentary on California Supreme Court's ruling on Prop. 8


05/27/09 WordinEdgewise, by Widener University law professor John Culhane (analysis of Justice Moreno's dissenting opinion)

05/26/09 WordinEdgewise, by Widener University law professor John Culhane (analysis of the majority opinion)

05/26/09 Leonard Link, by New York University law professor Arthur Leonard

05/26/09 Waldlaw Blog, by Deborah Wald, Chair of the National Family Law Advisory Council of the National Center for Lesbian Rights


06/02/09 The California Constitution, by appellate practitioner Steve Mayer

06/02/09 The California Family Law Blog, by family law practitioner Mary Ellen Waller

05/30/09 hunter of justice, by Georgetown University Law Professor Nan Hunter

05/29/09 Sacramento Bee, comments by Lambda Legal senior counsel Jennifer Pizer and McGeorge Law School professor Lawrence Levine.

05/28/09 Which Way LA, featuring ADF Attorney Austin R. Nimock and Brad Sears of the UCLA Williams Institute.

05/28/09 Reality Check Live with Mike Monokian, discussion of the ruling by ADF attorney Austin R. Nimock.

05/28/09 San Diego Union-Tribune, by Glen Lavy, senior vice president and senior counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund

05/27/09 Waldlaw Blog, by Deborah Wald (faulting the ruling for undermining state constitution's equal protection clause)

05/26/09 CalLaw ("Prop 8 reaction from lawyers and academics")

05/26/09 Volokh Conspiracy, by University of Minnesota law professor law professor Dale Carpenter

05/26/09 Volokh Conspiracy, by Ilyra Somin, with links to law blog debate on whether In re Marriage Cases represents a "net gain" for advancing marriage equality

05/26/09 Gender and Sexuality Law Blog, by Columbia University law professor Katherine M. Franke

05/27/09 Daily Journal (subscription required), "California's Step Back," by Russell S. Roeca, 2009 president of The Bar Association of San Francisco

05/26/09 Los Angeles Times, "You Just Can't Change Marriage", by Andrew Pugno, attorney for Yes on 8 / ProtectMarriage.com

05/27/09 Los Angeles Times, comments by Goodwin Liu, Vikram Amar, Jesse H. Choper, Douglas Kmiec, Douglas Kmiec, Andrew Pugno, and Shannon Price Minter.

05/27/09 San Francisco Chronicle
, "On the Prop. 8 Ruling," by San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera

05/27/09 San Francisco Chronicle
, comments by Evan Gerstmann, author of Same-Sex Marriage and the Constitution, and law professor Richard Hansen.

05/27/09 Townhall.com Talk Radio (Hugh Hewitt Show), UC Irvine Law School Dean Erwin Chemerinsky and Chapman University School of Law Dean John C. Eastman discuss Prop. 8.)

05/27/09 Democracy Now
, interview of Bryan Wildenthal," the first openly gay law professor at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law."

05/27/09 Legal Broadcast Network, "Lambda Legal's Jon Davidson Discusses Prop 8 Ruling"

Legal newspapers and legal news blogs

05/26/09 CalLaw (roundup of reaction within legal community)

05/27/09 National Law Journal

05/27/09 Daily Journal (subscription required), critical comments by appellate practitioner Jon B. Eisenberg and Robert Bradley Sears, executive director of UCLA School of Law's Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy)

05/27/09 Metropolitan-News Enterprise

05/26/09 Jurist Legal News

Newspaper editorials

06/09 "Newspaper Reactions to California Marriage Cases," a comprehensive survey of editorials by the Institute For Marriage and Public Policy

05/27/09 NY Times

05/27/09 SF Chronicle

05/27/09 Wall Street Journal

05/27/09 Washington Post

05/26/09 LA Times

Sample advocacy group press releases

05/27/09 press release by National Center for Lesbian Rights and ACLU, "Make Change, Not Lawsuits"

05/26/09 Pam's House Blend (summary of releases by Prop. 8 opponents)

05/26/09 Alliance Defense Fund

05/26/09 Liberty Counsel

05/26/09 Pacific Justice Institute
(anticipates religious-liberty challenges to married same-sex couples)

05/26/09 Yes on 8 / Protectmarriage.com

05/26/09 Lambda Legal

05/26/09 Equality California
05/26/09 Communities of Color Statement

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