Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Advocates to Argue for N.Y. State Recognition of Legal Same-Sex Marriages

New York State Court of Appeals Background Summaries for the Week of October 13-15, 2009:

You will find summaries of two cases concerning out-of-state recognition of same-sex marriages.

10/13/09 NY Times City Room Blog:
The two cases are narrower in scope than — but touch upon — a broader effort to have the state government recognize gay marriages.
10/09/09 New York Law Journal:
New York's highest court, which three years ago ruled that same-sex couples do not have a constitutional right to marry in the state, will get an opportunity to approach the issue from a different angle next week: Whether state and local governments can recognize same-sex marriages solemnized in jurisdictions where such unions are legal.
10/12/09 Alliance Defense Fund press release:
ALBANY, N.Y. — Alliance Defense Fund Senior Counsel Brian Raum will be available for media interviews Tuesday following his arguments before New York’s highest court in Lewis v. New York State Department of Civil Service and Godfrey v. Spano. ADF attorneys appealed both lawsuits, arguing that state and local officials have attempted to recognize out-of-state same-sex “marriages,” contrary to state law.
To learn more about the cases and ADF's role in them, see this post.

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