Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ADF Senior Counsel Austin Nimocks on conflict between religious liberty and same-sex marriage

04/29/09 (Vermont) Argus Times:

Austin Nimocks is senior counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund. In this opinion article, he claims that supporters and opponents of same-sex marriage agree that

"that a serious conflict exists between same-sex 'marriage' and religious liberty. [ADF attorneys do not recognize same-sex marriage, so they add quotation marks to the word "marriage" when referencing same-sex marriage.] On this point, there is no debate, except among the uninformed. Even same-sex 'marriage' advocate, and Georgetown law professor Chai Feldblum understands this principle, if you read her Web site and writings."

Nimocks appears to have in mind the Moral Values Project website, which posts articles by Chai Feldblum. One of these is Moral Conflict and Conflicting Liberties, from Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Liberty, published by The Beckett Fund for Religious Liberties, 2008.

Nimocks also claims that "multiple cases continually arise where those who believe in [heterosexually-exclusive] marriage are being asked to face legal punishments and consequences for their beliefs."

Source: ADF Alliance Alert

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