Friday, April 10, 2009

Pending legislation in Maine to end discrimination in civil marriage: Gov. John Baldacci "keeping an open mind"

On April 24th, Maine's House Judiciary Committee will hold a public hearing of proposed legislation on equal protection of the right to marry (An Act to Prevent Discrimination in Civil Marriage and Affirm Religious Freedom,124th Legislature, SP 384).

04/08/09 Chicago Tribune:

"AUGUSTA, Maine - A day after the Vermont Legislature passed a gay marriage bill over the governor's veto, Maine Gov. John Baldacci said Wednesday he was 'keeping an open mind' on the issue he has opposed in the past and the State House will consider this month. 'We certainly watch and listen to what's happening around us, but I think we have a process here in Maine where Mainers have an opportunity at the public hearing to comment on this and give their opinions,' Baldacci told The Associated Press a day after the Vermont House followed the Senate in voting to override Gov. Jim Douglas' veto."

Source of reference to Chicago Tribune article: ADF Alliance Alert

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