Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ADF's Dougas Napier: Amend state constitutions to defend marriage

04/14/09 DesMoinesRegister.com:

Douglas Napier, an attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund, has written an opinion article, in which he faults the Iowa Supreme Court for holding, in Varnum v. Brien, that the state's DOMA is unconstitutional. Among other objections, he complains that the Court has put a "choke-hold" on the inherent political power of Iowans. He concludes:

"As for the rest of the nation, those states that haven't yet adopted a marriage amendment must do so with haste. Marriage will be safely protected only when the people exercise the most fundamental tenet of self-government and amend the constitution in no uncertain terms. Only then will those states have adequate protection from courts who take citizens for fools."

Source: ADF Alliance Alert

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