Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tax and estate planning for same-sex couples in California; uncertainties over whether such couples can divorce

04/16/09 Riverside Press-Enterprise:

Joseph Hahn is Of Counsel in the Estate Planning, Probate & Trust Administration Practice Group of Best Best & Krieger, in Indian Wells, Califonia. On April 16th, he hosted a workshop on tax and estate planning for same-sex couples, who face unique obstacles when filing their state and federal income taxes and preparing their estates.

Frederick Hertz offers advice to same-sex couples who married in California if the California Supreme Court rules that their marriages are invalid. He is co-author of A Legal Guide for Lesbian & Gay Couples, and runs the website He advises such couples "to register as domestic partners -- just in case."

"Hertz said another question mark is the legal status of same-sex couples married [out-of-state] before or after same-sex marriage was legal in California."

04/16/09 Leonard Link:

New York Law School Professor Arthur Leonard asks whether same-sex couples married in California can now divorce there or in New York, and discusses the inability of same-sex couples married in Canada or Massachusetts to divorce in states with DOMAs.

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