Saturday, April 25, 2009

Is gay-marriage momentum building in Utah?

04/24/09 Deseret News:

In 2004, Utah voters approved Amendment No. 3, which not only limits marriage to a man and woman, but also bars state recognition of any domestic union with the "same or substantially equal legal effect" of marriage. Several local gay activists express hope of change in Utah from recent legalizations of same-sex marriage in Vermont and Iowa.

The Deseret News reports that "[l]egal experts say the decisions will have almost no impact on the state's laws." And one of the activists, Jacob Whipple of the All For One Initiative, observes that "[i]t's not going to happen in Utah. We're never going to overturn Amendment 3. It will have to be a top-down thing instead of a bottom-up thing."

Nevertheless, Lynn Wardle, a family law professor at Brigham Young University, concedes that "[i]t's like a flood. You can close the door, but the water is still going to get in under the door and through the windows."

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