Tuesday, July 7, 2009

As Maryland's Attorney General prepares to issue formal opinion, Maryland's Governor supports recognition of gay marriages licensed elsewhere

07/07/09 Advocate.com (Source: NCLR Out For Justice blog):

Maryland governor Martin O'Malley said yesterday that he would support recognition of out-of-state gay marriages, while Maryland attorney general Douglas F. Gansler is preparing a formal opinion on whether the state may legally recognize them. The Gay Chicago Magazine (June 11th issue, at page 18) carries an AP report about the likelihood of legal challenges to out-of-state recognition by Maryland:
Any move to recognize gay marriages could be seen as an end-run around the legislature and is likely to draw legal challenges.
The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) sued the D.C. Elections and Ethics Board for its decision not to allow a referendum on D.C.'s law to recognize gay marriages licensed elsewhere. The lawsuit was dismissed. Different circumstances in Maryland appear to give ADF an opportunity to challenge out-of-state recognition there, if adopted.

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