Tuesday, July 21, 2009

California legal newspaper reports on attempt by gay rights groups to intervene in Perry v. Schwarzenneger; San Francisco may file motion to intervene

07/21/09 The Recorder:

The Recorder reports on the controversy over a motion by three gay rights groups to intervene in Perry et al v. Schwarzenegger et al., (N.D.Cal. 3:09-cv-02292, filed May 22, 2009). (Readers can learn more about the controversy in my ongoing compilation of news on the Perry case.) Mike McGee of The Recorder covers what is by now familiar ground. But he also reports on something new:

Chief Deputy City Attorney Therese Stewart confirmed Friday that San Francisco is contemplating intervention and likewise wants to ensure a complete factual record. She said it's in the city's interest to ensure stable families that don't wind up on the public fisc.

"Strong family units make for productive citizens," Stewart said.

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