Thursday, July 16, 2009

Citizen McConkey: a one-man battle against Wisconsin's gay marriage ban

07/15/09 The [Madison, WI] Capital Times (source: Sexual Orientation and the Law Blog):
[William] McConkey, a father of seven and grandfather of eight, is the man behind the pending challenge to Wisconsin's constitutional ban on gay marriage that will be heard this fall by the Wisconsin Supreme Court ... McConkey filed his lawsuit in Dane County Circuit Court in July 2007, eight months after Wisconsin voters passed a statewide referendum amending the Wisconsin Constitution to ban gay marriage and civil unions [that are "substantially equivalent" to marriage] ...In his July 27, 2007, complaint, McConkey challenged the amendment on substance and procedure, claiming it violated the so-called "single subject rule" pertaining to referendums. He said the referendum illegally asked two questions in one -- whether to ban same-sex marriage and whether to ban ["substantially equivalent"] civil unions.

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