Monday, July 27, 2009

Los Angeles Times interview of Theodore Olson: "The famed lawyer's latest cause is overturning Proposition 8 and legalizing same-sex marriage. "

07/25/09 Los Angeles Times:

Commenting on the Perry case, plaintiffs' co-counsel Theodore Olson was asked whether his conservative credentials will have effect on conservatives:
I'm hoping that it does. I hope some people will open their eyes to the decency of getting to the point where we allow gay and lesbian individuals to be married and have a happy life.
Olson also dismissed the concern that his involvement represents a "trojan horse" to advocates of same-sex marriage, claiming that "we're having support from the ACLU and from national lesbian groups." While Olson appears to have in mind an amicus brief by the ACLU and other gay rights groups, his funding organization, the American Foundation For Equal Rights, has objected to anoth form of support that Olson carefully avoids mentioning - the motion of gay rights groups to intervene.

Asked about the rationale for challenging Prop. 8 in federal court, Olson said,
Not everyone is going to agree with the legal strategy, but we think we are at the right place at the right time in the right court, and we're hopeful we'll be successful.

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