Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oral argument yesterday in D.C. appellate court case on ballot initiative to overturn marriage equality law

Jackson v. District of Columbia Bd. of Elections, Civ. No. 2009 CA 008613 B, slip.op. (D. C. Super., Jan. 14, 2010), petition for cert., Jan. 15, 2010, No. 10-CV-20 (D.C. Ct. App.)

The Alliance Defense Fund offers the public an mp3 file of yesterday's oral argument (ADF Alliance Alert). GLAA Forum also has an mp3 file (GLAA Forum), and links to the brief of the District of Columbia. Perhaps the best summaries can be found at GLAA Forum, Washington Blade, and The Blog of Legal Times. For other summaries, read the AP, Metro Weekly, and JURIST. Journalist Karen Ocamb takes notice of a political aspect of the case - that the "political conservatives and Religious Right are increasingly using the theme of “the people’s right to vote.." (LGBT POV)

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