Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hiatus from my usual schedule of blogging

I regret that, for at least several weeks, I will lack time to update this site on a regular basis. I face two challenges. First, I expect to publish an article on a subject I have been thinking about for 20 years. (I can't say more about the article than that it concerns the professional shortcomings of law librarians - and that it takes inordinate time to prepare.) Second, site collaborator Rick Xiao and I are trying to decide on the appropriate scope of the enterprise that maintaining this site represents, as I lack enough time to achieve ambitious goals identified here and here. I am, of course, grateful to Rick; to a kind supporter, Kathleen Perrin; and to a wonderful contributor, law professor John Culhane. I am also grateful to everyone who has commented on posts.


Homo Rugger said...

We will miss your regular updates!

RWG said...

This blog has been a valuable resource, one which I have looked forward to reading throughout the past year. I certainly hope a way can be found to continue it.

Henrique said...

Have you guys seen this video about Proposition 8 with Justin Long and Mike White? Really amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,

Any chance we'll get an update from you after closing arguments? I would love to have your perspective afterward.

Thanks for all your effort!


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