Thursday, May 6, 2010

Revisiting what Prop. 8 proponents want to exclude from evidence in the Perry case, and why

I have yet to catch up with today's news about oral argument in Gill v. OPM, a case I consider no less groundbreaking than Perry (and more likely to succeed.) I ask your forbearance as I revisit a question about Perry I raised last week. not just because my initial comments fell far short of the mark, but because my corrections, informed by the latest filings,* will help me focus on what's at stake in the latest discovery dispute. In a subsequent post, I will hazard my guess that the dispute still has significant potential to blow up and cause further delay.

*Thanks to Kathleen Perrin for her timely update on these oppositions to Prop. 8 proponents' motions to strike content from the trial record:

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