Monday, June 8, 2009

Same-Sex Couples In New York: The Right To Divorce

06/06/09 NY Times:

[L]ast October, in New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan, Justice Rosalyn H. Richter granted C. C. and C. M. a divorce (using their initials in the documents), making it the first such dissolution of a same-sex marriage in New York of a couple who had married in the United States. The decision recognized that the marriage was valid in Massachusetts, where it was contracted. [CM vs. CC, NY County Supreme Court, 301842/2008] The divorce came on the heels of a decision in February 2008, by Acting Supreme Court Justice Laura E. Drager in Manhattan [Bennett v. Bennaceur, NY County Supreme Court, 301199/2008?], allowing the divorce proceedings in another same-sex case to move forward, requiring the recognition of a same-sex marriage that had taken place in Canada.

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