Monday, June 29, 2009

No Regrets on Prop 8, Chief Justice Ronald George Tells The Recorder

06/29/09 The Recorder (subscription required):

SAN FRANCISCO — As much as he might have liked to see his landmark ruling favoring same-sex marriage stand, Chief Justice Ronald George knew he was doing the "right thing" when he upheld Proposition 8 late last month.

"It was so clear to me that was the only right thing to do," he said in an interview Friday. "I've been on the bench for 37 years and have had to let the law take me where it had to, regardless of my own personal views."

"In the marriage cases, I felt the court honored its obligation to apply the limitations that the people had placed upon their own legislative authority by enacting our state Constitution," George said. "And in the Prop 8 case, the court was honoring its obligation to uphold the people's will as expressed in their desire to amend the Constitution."

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