Monday, June 8, 2009

New York Senate now unlikely to approve marriage equality legislation?

06/08/09 CBS News (source: Gay Marriage Watch):

The latest news appears to increase the odds that the New York Senate will not approve the state's marriage equality legislation:

Call it a coup, call it a devious plan to change leadership, but at the end of the day Democrats are out of power in the New York State Senate and Republicans were [in power].

06/08/09 NY Times:

The change upends the agenda in Albany, where Democrats had assumed power in the Senate in January, with 32 seats, after more than 40 years in the minority.

06/08/09 New York Daily News
(reporting on the situation just before today's "coup"):

Senate Dems, who took control of the chamber from Republicans last year, have a slim 32-30 majority. But they are as many as five votes short of passing the gay marriage bill. Majority Leader Malcolm Smith has said he won't bring the bill up for a vote until he's sure it will pass.

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