Monday, January 4, 2010

Colorado's proposed civil union initiative

Colorado Civil Union Benefits and Responsibilities Act, Proposed Initiative #20, final text filed 05/22/09; Review and Comment Memorandum; second review hearing by Secretary of State scheduled 01/11/10.

01/04/10 Denver Daily News

In November, a narrow majority of Washington voters approved Referendum 71, upholding the state's new domestic partnership law. Same-sex couples who register domestic partnerships have all the rights and duties of marriage. A Yakima, Washington, news station reports that "more than 6,000 couples in Washington have registered as of today," and that the number of registrations doubles each week.

Coloradans For Family Equality have filed a proposed initiative with the Colorado Secretary of State - the Colorado Civil Union Benefits and Responsibilities Act. The proposed initiative represents another attempt to adopt a controversial legal status for same-sex relationships that parallels the legal status of marriage. Some marriage equality supporters fault the parallel status as a "separate-but-equal" regime; others justify their advocacy for it as a means to ultimately advance marriage equality. Explaining his position, Joseph Soto, the initiative’s lead proponent, told the Denver Daily News,
It’s a tenet of civil rights for LGBT people in Colorado. So it’s important because I just feel like Colorado is up to the task of granting civil rights to LGBT Coloradans.
Soto's organization hopes to complete the review process and begin collecting signatures in the next several months.

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Alex Cobell said...

Where to begin...

Maybe you should just start over with this post.

The facts are this, the "Colorado Civil Union Benefits and Responsibilities Act" was indeed filed back in 2009, however, from there the entire post goes off. The article you link to from the Denver Daily News (also errored, which is why you should have double checked the information) was talking about a marriage initiative filed in 2010 to change our constitution allowing same-sex couples to marry.

"Coloradans For Family Equality" was the organization pushing the initiative from last year, and I'm not sure if there is an equivalent organization pushing the marriage initiative from this year, but that's certainly not their name. So the other part of the posting talking about "separate-but-equal" and all that is also irrelevant to this particular initiative referenced in the denver daily news.

And as a final note (that may not be necessary for this post) is that both the initiative from last year and the one from this year have been withdrawn due to lack of support, money and general organization.

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