Friday, January 22, 2010

Selection of articles and posts on the Perry case

I am preparing my "Perry roundups" in an abbreviated format, providing just the title, date, and source of each article. I select just the articles and posts that I consider especially noteworthy.

Day 8
  • Articles
Dan Levine, Boies Lands Punches on Prop 8 Supporter, 01/22/10 The Recorder (SF legal newspaper)

Lisa Leff, Prop. 8 backer stands by views on pedophilia, 01/21/10 SF Chronicle

Howard Mintz, Controversial Proposition 8 proponent grilled about views on homosexuality, 01/21/10 San Jose Mercury News

Howard Mintz, Prop. 8 trial Day 8: Live coverage from the courtroom, 01/21/10 San Jose Mercury News

Geoffrey A. Fowler, Gay-Marriage Backers See Hostile Intent in Ban, 01/21/10 Wall Street Journal

Maura Dolan, Prop. 8 proponent says he argued that gay marriage could lead to legalizing pedophilia, 01/21/10 LA Times "L.A. Now"

Michelle Quinn and Gerry Shih, Same-Sex Marriage Case, Day 8: Power and Prejudice, 01/21/10 NY Times "The Bay Area"

Roger Brigham, Prop 8 Trial, Day 8: The Real Motivations of Marriage-Ban Supporters, 01/22/10 EDGE

ADF Senior Legal Counsel Austin R. Nimocks, [Trial Updates - Day 8], 01/22/10 ADF News Release

Lisa Leff, Prop. 8 Proponent to Be Called as Hostile Witness, 01/21/10 AP

  • Blogs
NCLR’s Legal Director Shannon Minter on Perry v Schwarzenegger Proceedings, Day 8, 01/21/10 Pam's House Blend's GC Andrew Pugno, A Head Shaker of an Afternoon, 01/21/10 Action Fund

Brian Leubitz, William Tam: He’s like that Cute Ignorant Uncle That Everybody Cringes At, 01/21/10 Courage Campaign's Prop 8 Trial Tracker

Related News

Pam Spaulding, The first installment of the Perry v. Schwarzenegger Trial Re-enactment, 01/21/10 Pam's House Blend [See a related post by law professor John Culhane.]

Sharon Jayson, Same-sex couples can be effective parents, researchers find, 01/21/10 USA Today

Sarah Wildman, Children Speak for Same-Sex Marriage, 01/20/10 NY Times


Robert Cruickshank, How Today’s Supreme Court Decision Affects The Marriage Equality Movement, 01/21/10 Courage Campaign's Prop 8 Trial Tracker

Attorney Chris Geidner, Justice Thomas on ‘Proposition 8-related retaliation’, 01/21/10 Law Dork

Evan Wolfson, 14 Years After Hawaii: New Freedom to Marry Case in California; Same Old, Same Old From Opponents, 01/21/10 Huffington Post

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