Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Selection of articles and posts on the Perry case

I am preparing my "Perry roundups" in an abbreviated format, providing just the title, date, and source of each article. I will select just the articles and posts that I consider especially noteworthy.

Day 1 of the trial

Andrew Pugno, General Counsel Andy Pugno Comments On Opening Day Of Trial, 01/11/10 ProtectMarriage.com Action Fund

Dan Levine, Gay Couples Testify as Marriage Case Starts, The Recorder (SF legal newspaper), 01/12/10

NCLR’s Legal Director Shannon Minter on Perry v Schwarzenegger Proceedings, Day 1, 01/11/10 Pam's House Blend

Karen Ocamb, A heavy burden for the Prop 8 defenders, 01/12/10 LGBT POV

Lisa Leff and Paul Elias, California couples tell of gay marriage ban's toll, 01/12/10 AP

Will LDS Church documents surface at California Gay Marriage trial? 01/12/10 ABC4.com

Geoffrey A. Fowler and Jess Bravin, New Battle on California Ban, 01/12/10 Wall Street Journal

Eve Conant, Gay Marriage on Trial: The Child Factor, 01/12/10 The Gaggle Blog (Newsweek.com)

Teddy Partridge, [Day 1 of the trial], 01/11/10 Firedog Lake News

Ted Olson's opening statement

Bob Egelko, Plaintiff says Prop. 8 'means I'm unequal', 01/11/10 SF Chronicle

Jessie McKinley, Sharp Words Open California Same-Sex Marriage Case, 01/11/10 NY Times

Maura Dolan, Proposition 8 opponent testifies about importance of marriage, 01/11/10 LA Now blog, LA Times

Dan Simon and Augie Martin, Witness: Civil unions like allowing just one bite of Twinkie, 01/11/10 CNN.com

Case Profiles

Ashby Jones, A Chat With David Boies, Lawyer for Plaintiffs Challenging Prop. 8, 01/10/10 WSJ Law Blog

Eve Conant, Accidental Activists, 01/11/10 Newsweek.com

Joe Garofoli, Berkeley couple to testify in trial, 01/11/10 SF Chronicle

Maura Dolan, Prop. 8 trial to include unprecedented testimony, 01/11/10 LA Times


Andrew Pugno, The Perry Case: What’s At Stake, 01/10/10 ProtectMarriage.com Action Fund

Richard Socarides, Exactly Why We Have Courts, Why We Have the Constitution and Why We Have the 14th Amendment, 01/11/10 Huffington Post

Andrew Sullivan, Ted Olson, A Conservative For Civil Rights, 01/11/10 Daily Dish

Gideon Alpers, [Law professor Jonathan Adler replies to Ted Olson's constitutional argument for gay marriage in Newsweek op-ed], 01/11/10 Gay Couples Law Blog

Law professor Katherine Franke, Prop 8 Trial – Day 1: First Impressions, 01/12/10 Gender & Sexuality Law Blog

Edwin Meese III, Stacking the Deck Against Proposition 8, 01/10/10 NY Times op-ed

Max Fisher, Proposition 8 Court Challenge: Too Risky? 01/10/10 TheAtlanticWire.com

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