Friday, January 15, 2010

Selection of articles and posts on the Perry case: 1/15-17/10

I am preparing my "Perry roundups" in an abbreviated format, providing just the title, date, and source of each article. I select just the articles and posts that I consider especially noteworthy.

Day 5 of the trial
  • Articles
Bob Egelko, Prop. 8 trial looks at personal, social changes, 01/19/10 SF Chronicle

Lisa Leff, Witness: Gay marriage made her feel like family, 01/15/10

Gerry Shih, Same-Sex Marriage Case, Day 5: Children, 01/15/10 NY Times "The Bay Area"

Maura Dolan, Proposition 8 trial turns its attention to children, 01/16/10 LA Times

Howard Mintz, First week of Proposition 8 trial ends with defense challenging witnesses, 01/15/10 San Jose Mercury News

Howard Mintz, Prop. 8 trial Day 5: Live coverage from the courtroom, 01/15/10 San Jose Mercury News

Bob Egelko, Gays make fine parents, psychologist testifies, 01/15/10 SF Chronicle

  • Blogs
Jordan Lorance, ADF Update on Prop 8: Day 5, 01/16/10 Christian Post

NCLR’s Legal Director Shannon Minter on Perry v. Schwarzenegger Proceedings, Day 5, 01/15/10 Pam's House Blend

Julia Rosen, Liveblogging Day 5: Daily Summary, Courage Campaign's Prop 8 Trial Tracker

Andrew Pugno, Plaintiffs Can't Contradict Our Position, 01/15/10 Action Fund

Davina Kotulski on Prop 8 trial morning testimony about gay and lesbian parents, 01/15/10 LGBT POV

ADF attorney Dale Schowengerdt, Prop 8 Trial, Day 4 Summary, 01/15/10 Baptist Post

Related News

Patrick Range McDonald, L.A. Filmmaker John Ireland to Produce Prop. 8 Trial Re-Enactment for YouTube, 01/17/10 L.A. Weekly [See a related post by law professor John Culhane.]

Prop. 8 Trial First Week Roundup, 01/17/10 press release by American Foundation for Equal Rights

Teddy Partridge, Preview: San Diego Mayor Sanders Testifies Tuesday in Prop 8 Trial, 01/16/10 Firedog Lake News

Syd Peterson, Report from End-of-Week-One Prop 8 Trial Presser, 01/16/10

Law professor Arthur Leonard, Same-sex marriage developments, 01/16/10 Leonard Link

Four Defense Witnesses Drop Out of Prop 8 Gay Marriage Trial, 01/16/10 ABC Station KFSN

Brian Leubitz, The Road to Perjury, 01/16/10 Courage Campaign's Prop. 8 Trial Tracker


Key commentary from the PHB Shannon Minter live blog on the fed Prop 8 trial, 01/15/10 Pam's House Blend

Updated commentary on U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Hollingsworth v. Perry, 558 U. S. _ (2010) (09A648)

Maureen Dowd, An Odd Couple Defends Couples That Some (Oddly) Find Odd, 01/17/10 NY Times

Jenny Pizer, Jenny Pizer: Who’s testifying in the Olsen-Boies trial and why? 01/14/10 LGBT POV

Pillarisetti Sudhir, Litigating for Same-Sex Marriages Is Wrong Strategy, Says John D' Emilio, 01/15/10 American Historical Association Blog

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