Friday, January 8, 2010

Prop. 8 proponents file emergency petition to stay broadcast of Perry trial; 9th Circuit panel denies petition

Emergency petition for a writ of mandamus or prohibition against broadcast of Perry trial, filed 01-08-10

9th Circuit panel order denying petition, filed 01-08-10

(Thanks to Rick Xiao, California attorney and site collaborator, for sending me the petition; to an anonymous reader for such prompt notice about it; and to a commenter on this post for the equally prompt notice of the order.)

As night follows day, this last-minute appeal was certain to follow. And so was the order rejecting it.

News on the filing of the petition:

01-08-10 San Jose Mercury News
01-08-10 AP

News on the denial of the petition:

01-08-10 San Jose Mercury News


Michael said...

according to AFER, the 9th circuit has denied their petition.

Tyler Rosenbaum said...

mandamus rejected.

Homo Rugger said...

Wilshire & Washington: Prop8 proponents go to Supremes...

Anyone know where to find Tam's filing asking to be removed? It has to be wildly entertaining in a "what did you expect, idiot?!?"-sort of way.

Michael said...

they're going to scotus now.,0,4668060.story

Michael Ginsborg said...

Karen Ocamb links to the Tam filing in her post at

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