Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Mexico legislators re-introduce domestic partnerships legislation

SB 183 is newly re-introduced legislation that (in 816 pages!) would establish domestic partnerships in New Mexico. According to Equality New Mexico, "[t]angible benefits for families include hospital visitation rights, the ability to obtain health insurance coverage for partners, and family or bereavement leave." Any two consenting adults are eligible to register who are "not related by blood to the degree of consanguinity considered incestuous by the laws of New Mexico." The New Mexico Independent reports on similar legislation that failed last year by 8 votes due to opposition from the Catholic Church. Governor Bill Richardson says that he supports domestic partnerships.

For more on SB 183, see this cnjonline.com article and this Rio Rancho Observer article.

Resolutions (SJR 1 / HJR 8) have been introduced for a constitutional ban of same-sex marriage, and so has legislation (HB 121)for a state DOMA.

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