Sunday, January 31, 2010

Selection of News and Commentary on the Perry Case


Terry Stewart: Invisible to many, a key player in trial, 01/31/10 Keen News Service

At heart of Prop. 8 trial, a fight over nurturing kids, 01/30/10 Sacramento Bee

Prop 8 witnesses debate scholarship on families, 01/30/10 Keen News Service

Related News

Exclusive cineGLAAD Video: Dustin Lance Black, Joe Solmonese, and Reed Cowan Discuss 8: The Mormon Proposition, 01/29/10 glaadBLOG

'8: The Mormon Proposition': Audacious look at church's role in gay-marriage ban, 01/30/10 Washington Post

Complaint: Campaign Against Same-Sex Marriage (Targeting Andrew Pugno) Violated State Law, 01/29/10 Orange County (CA) Weekly Blog

Prop. 8 lawyer vetted first freedom to marry ban initiative with Mormon leaders, cross-posted 02/01/10 at Straight Talk on Marriage


Dan Walters: California gay marriages may hinge on one man, 01/31/10 Sacramento Bee

Michael Peabody, Some Thoughts on the Implications of the Same-Sex Marriage Trial for Religious Minorities, 01/31/10 ReligiousLiberty.TV

Rewind: Evan Wolfson and Rick Jacobs discuss Prop 8, Freedom to Marry, 01/29/10

Trial Summaries

Perry v. Schwarzenegger, Prop 8 Trial RECAP, 01/29/10 Constitutional Law Prof Blog

Summary of the Prop. 8 Trial, 01/29/10 The United Families International Blog

American Foundation for Equal Rights’ Prop 8 Trial Summary, cross-posted at 01/29/10 LGBT POV

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