Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Jersey Senate debating same sex marriage bill now

01/07/10 LGBT POV, by journalist Karen Ocamb:
NJN will present live coverage of the debate and vote on this historic measure Thursday, January 7 beginning at 2:15 pm (time subject to change) on NJN2* and streamed live here.

*NJN2 can be found on Comcast channel 262 and Verizon channel 476. (More info on NJN channels at
01/07/10 AP:

Just getting it to a vote was a coup for gay rights advocates who face the promise of a veto by Gov.-elect Chris Christie if the bill passes. Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine says he will sign the bill. Christie takes office Jan. 19. If the Senate approves the measure, a vote in the state Assembly is scheduled for Monday.

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