Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Selection of articles and posts on the Perry case

Because the Perry trial ended today, this will be the last of my daily trial roundups. I use an abbreviated format, providing just the title, date, and source of each article. And I select just the articles and posts that I consider especially noteworthy. I will continue to update this post.

Day 12
  • Media
Laura Keen, Final Yes on 8 expert concedes ‘no scientific evidence’ of harm, 01/27/10 Keen News Service

Maura Dolan, Testimony ends in same-sex marriage trial, 01/28/10 LA Times

Susan Ferriss, Prop 8 witness says gay marriage undermines traditional marriage, 01/27/10 Sacramento Bee

Jesse McKinley, Proposition 8 Trial Pauses, but Not for Ruling, 01/27/10 NY Times

Jesse McKinley, Same-Sex Marriage Case, Day 12: The End (for Now), 01/27/10 NY Times

Howard Mintz, Testimony ends in Prop 8 trial, closing arguments to be scheduled, 01/27/10 San Jose Mercury News
  • Advocacy organizations
ADF Senior Legal Counsel Austin R. Nimocks, Final Day of the Trial, 01/27/10 ADF press release

NCLR’s Legal Director Shannon Minter on Perry v Schwarzenegger Proceedings, Day 12, 01/27/10 Pam's House Blend

Brian Leunitz, This is a Witness for the Defense? 01/27/10 Courage Campaign's Prop. 8 Trial Tracker GC Andrew Pugno, Presentation of Evidence Concludes in Perry v Schwarzenegger Federal Trial, 01/27/10 Action Fund

Related News

Adam Bloom, Same-Sex Marriage Case: The Post-Mortem, 01/28/10 NY Times

Cari Tuna, Gay-Marriage Ban Comes at What Cost? 01/28/10 Wall Street Journal

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