Saturday, January 9, 2010

Today's selection of articles and posts on the Perry case

I will prepare my "Perry roundups" in an abbreviated format, providing just the title, date, and source of each article. I will select just the articles and posts that I consider especially noteworthy.

Margaret Talbot, A risky proposal: Is it too soon to petition the U.S. Supreme Court on gay marriage? 01/18/10 New Yorker

Eve Conant, Conscience of a Conservative, 01/18/10 Newsweek

Theodore Olson (counsel for Perry plaintiffs), The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage: Why same-sex marriage is an American value, 01/18/10 Newsweek

Andrew Pugno (General Counsel For / Yes on 8), The Perry Case: What's At Stake, 01/06/10 Keyser Causes

Ben Hallman, Gay Marriage Civil Rights Trial to Begin in San Francisco Federal Court Monday, 01/09/10 The AmLaw Litigation Daily

Emily Bazelon, For Better or for Worse: California's gay-marriage trial is an all-star, high-stakes affair, 01/08/10


David Scott said...

It should go without saying that a person should be allowed to marry whomever they choose. Until the right-wing, religious fanatics in this country stop trying to control everybody else and force their “morals” down the throat of the country, there can be no real freedom in the United States. I invite you to my web pages devoted to raising awareness on this puritan attack on our freedom:

Michael said...

from scotusblog:

plaintiff's response to application for stay:

media opposition to application for stay:

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